2749 Iris Ave. Boulder CO

Specializing in Internal medicine, Mental Health, & Emotional / Spiritual Wellbeing

Healing should address the whole of who we are: body, mind, and soul.

I’ve been practicing Oriental Medicine at Moonlight Garden Acupuncture since January of 2018. This video was filmed in May of 2019. The working space has expanded and changed but I remain in the Willow Springs Shopping Center in Boulder.

I practice a number of different modalities of Oriental Medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Japanese Medicine, and techniques such as electrical stimulation, cupping therapy, gua sha, Chinese herbal formula’s. I follow a functional medicine approach but most important to me is to hear what level of health you as my patient would like to achieve in order to live your best quality of life.

Google Reviews

Rick QuinnRick Quinn
23:14 08 May 23
Rachael at Moonlight Garden Acupuncture is amazing! I started going to her two years ago when I was referred to her by my massage therapist for help with sleep and digestive issues. Rachael is so knowledgeable and caring and uses a variety of techniques to help her clients heal including acupuncture, Qi Gong, massage, cupping and Chinese herbal medicine. She mixes these modalities intuitively in conversation with her clients for maximum health benefits. I highly recommend Moonlight Garden for anyone looking to improve their self care and take it to the next level!
Jami AlleyJami Alley
21:02 18 Apr 23
The acupuncture and medical Qi Gong treatments I have received from Rachael at Moonlight Garden Acupuncture have been transformational to my physical and energetic bodies! That said, I started to take classes from Rachael get to know her more. She’s an example of what it looks like to follow your heart in all you do! What I’ve discovered is that each connection opportunity that Rachael offers through her office (personal session, class, meditation, game night…) is in service to humanity, individually and collectively. I love her intention to build community and her events never disappoint, attracting the most interesting, authentic and joy filled beings! Thank you for answering your call to service, Rachael. I truly cannot wait to see what happens next!!🥰
Allison CawAllison Caw
00:33 04 Jan 23
Rachel is a master at what she does. A true intuitive healer she is the best acupuncturist I have ever worked with. For over 3 and a half years she has supported me physically, emotionally and spiritually. With a wide array of healing modalities she continued to surprise me with new ways to support me as I evolved and grew as a client. When I decided to move out of state, letting go of Rachel was one of the hardest parts because she is truly one of a kind. She is a blessing to receive.
Gabriella LynnGabriella Lynn
22:20 13 Jul 22
I've received a lot of acupuncture over the years and nothing compares to Rachael's acupuncture healing! I've been a weekly client for over a year now, and every visit is a magical experience! Rachael offers regular acupuncture sessions (discuss what you need, place needles, relax), and she also offers "Plus" sessions that are absolutely amazing. She will do front and back acupuncture treatment, a head and neck massage, cupping, energy work, etc. It's a transformative experience and very affordable! Highly recommend you give her a visit!
kristine Pearsonkristine Pearson
00:21 20 Jun 21
My experience with Rachael was beyond great! I felt very heard and attended to. In past, once needles were placed, i was left alone on the room, but Rachel did some neck massage when needles were placed on the front of my body, then when I was lying on my stomach...I received some cupping. This was a rich experience and very helpful in addressing my needs. She was also able to explain the specific treatment approach which have great clarity and understanding to my experience. And I felt better after!! My neck pain was gone and so far no headaches! Looking forward to my future appointments. Thank you Rachael!

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