2749 Iris Ave. Boulder CO

Specialing in Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing

I’ve been practicing Oriental Medicine at Moonlight Garden Acupuncture since January of 2018. This video was filmed in May of 2019. The working space has expanded and changed but I remain in the Willow Springs Shopping Center in Boulder.

I practice a number of different modalities of Oriental Medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Japanese Medicine, and techniques such as electrical stimulation, cupping therapy, gua sha, Chinese herbal formula’s. I follow a functional medicine approach but most important to me is to hear what level of health you as my patient would like to achieve in order to live your best quality of life.

How Acupuncture can Benefit you

Acupuncture is about keeping the body and mind in balance so that your health is always at it’s peak condition. An acupuncture treatment with me will clear your energy, and reset your system, leaving you feeling renewed.

If you are in great shape with no health concerns, then I recommend acupuncture treatments once per season change. If you are in pain or going through an illness then acupuncture treatments will need to be adjusted. I offer free phone consultations to discuss your particular case.

Acupuncture is for the whole family


Keep your whole family balanced and healthy all year long.

Pediatric treatments are done without the use of needles. It is very gentle and most children are relaxed during and after treatment.

Treatments will help your child by calming the nervous system, increasing focus, improving digestive functions, regulating sleep, and by helping to ensure a more harmonized puberty experience.