What Are The Houses in Astrology:

An Astrological horoscope is divided into 12 arcs, equal in terms of time and space. The arcs are of 30 degree’s each, one-twelfth of the circle of the 360 degree’s.

The beginning of the first house is the degree that, from a given point on the earth’s surface, was rising above the horizon at a given moment of time. This point is the Ascendant just as the opposite point is the Descendant. Between them is the Midheaven (10th house) and the opposite point below the earth is called the Nadir (4th house). These are the angles of the figure.

The houses which fall away from these angles are called the Angular houses: 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses.

Planets in the angular houses are the most powerful for they are active on the material level and play strongly on the personal self and it’s affairs.

The next houses to the angles are call the Succeedent Houses: 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th.

Planets in the succedent houses are tied up with the emotional nature and the individual’s desires.

The remaining four houses are called the Cadent Houses: 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th houses.

Planets in the cadent houses are indicative of energies in the mind and the mental equipment. They are less obvious and not apparent on the surface but have a very definite effect on the thinking.

First House: Natural home of Aries and Planet Mars

What you look like

The personal self. Its chief characteristic is action – destiny in the making

The Present. Defines the personality, appearance, disposition and manner.

Outlook on life.

The window through which you view the world.

A: Pluto

T: none

Second House: Natural Home of Taurus and Venus

What you own; your resources

Financial standing, money, possessions

peace of mind

manner in which person meets obligations

repository of the strongest desires

That which the life is dedicated to redeem, therefore the house of the values.

Earning and spending capacity

A: Sun, Mercury, Neptune

Sun: Here the desire for power is concerned with resources, values, and material success. With the Sun in the second house there is the power to attract finances and gratuities. Desire for material success is strong and desire is potent. There is a strong stubbornness and with it a stability and a persistence. If they want something they never give up until it is attained. Because energy, backed by action, is extremely powerful they usually attain what they want. Where the 1st house sun wants recognition on the personality level the second house Sun is interested in material values. If the Sun is unafflicted there is security where resources are concerned. If the Sun is afflicted there is ability to attract money bit often there is no happiness with it.

Mercury in 2st house: Mercury in the house of resources and finances brings gain through writing, speaking, communications, personnel work, secretarial work and salesmanship. Mercury is the talker and rules the ability to communicate ideas to others. The mind is centered on making money. Apt to work with relatives in business.

Neptune: Do not look to matter for support. Neptune dissolves matter and material things will dissolve, if Neptune is afflicted in this house. Involved finances. Assets completely washed out unless there is absolute honesty. Don’t go overboard by buying on the installment plan. Self deception or deception through others if Neptune is afflicted. Poor judgement where finances are concerned. Obligate yourself to use it for others and you will find it will come back. Neptune is the Cosmic Santa Clause.

T: Pluto

Third House: Natural House of Gemini and and Mercury

What you think. Your ability to relate to your environment.

The Synthesizing powers of the conscious mind.

Dexterity, duality, restlessness.

Early education an dearly envirnment.

Short journeys.

Brothers and sisters and their attitude toward the person.

Acquaintances and neighbors.

Writng , news, communications, rumors.

Memory, perception, and speech.

Taken for granted skills.

A: Venus, Uranus

Venus in 3rd house: Early life pleasant, food relationships with environment. attracts benefits in environment due to pleasant nature. Can be lazy mentally for Venus is not happy using their mind. Likes to move around but not too far from home surroundings. Is artistic and creative, does not like to argue. Venus operates through persuasion not pressure. Love of art and music. Very pleasant type of person.


Fourth House: Natural home of Cancer and Moon

Your base of operations; in the outer world, your home. In your inner world, your soul.

That which is hidden in the depths of the self.

Index to home and all domestic affairs.

Counsels him whether to stay or to leave his birth place and advantage to be gained in either course.

Defines nature of one’s residence.

End of matters, The latter part of life.

Matters relating to real estate and property.

Least prominant patent in the life. Some say it rules the mother, others and father. Depends on which is boss (10th house).

A: Mars

Mars in fourth house: The activity of the fourth house centers on the building of the foundations of the person’s life on the material and spiritual planes. This includes the instinct for security and the building of consciousness through experience. This house shows the roots of the person’s being; the midnight side of the chart. The energies operating in this house are hidden from view, never the less quite potent. Strife an tension in the soul reflect through the domestic surrounding when Mars is in this house. There is no peace until the karmic decks are cleared by overcoming the hidden quarrelsomeness within the individual. Apt to have an active and dominating mother if Mars is afflicted. Strong emotions need toning down.

T: Neptune, Mars, Uranus

Neptune in fourth house: Domestic life will involve the element of self sacrifice. Unsettled home conditions. Often a skeleton in the family closet. Can be an alcoholic in the family that will the source of unhappiness. Latter part of life can bring withdrawal from activity and an aloneness, self chosen.

Uranus in the fourth house: Upsetting domestic conditions unless Uranus is well aspected. Not a domestic type and doesn’t want a fixed and settled home life unless Uranus is in a fixed sign. Restlessness in the roots of being can cause unstable conditions in the life. Crystallization is broken by sudden and unexpected changes. Many changes of position and location. Interest in astrology, metaphysics in later years. Unsettled conditions around mother effect this individual emotionally.

Fifth House: Natural home of Leo and Sun

self-expression; any effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others, children you create, books you write, affectiosns you display, anything that bears your personal stamp.

All emotional and romantic tendencies coming from the heart.

House of hidden karma; misuse of the will and the love principle.

Rules children – children of the mind and emotions as well as the body.

Speculation, amusement, dramatics, theater, schools.

Love affairs and luck or lack of it shown in the house.



Sixth House: Natural home of Virgo and Mercury

House of self-adjustment. House of work and health or lack of either. They are tied together. The busy person has no time to be sick. Food, clothing, comforts and domestic pets. Mental or physical conflicts resulting from the expression of the Ego. As such it depicts any enmity between the dweller in the body and the physical body, out of which mental, nervous, or organic disease may develop.

It is an obscure are, since the nature of service rendered or received is more or less personal, unobtrusive and routine.

It has been termed the houes of Service in that it portrays one’s capacity to serce, as well as the character and qualities to those who serve him; his employee’s and dependents, and his relations with them. 6th house inhibitions, repressions and frustrations spring from causes over which the perosn has no control.

Working conditions if you are employed are shown in this house.



Seventh House: Natural House of Libra and Venus

The house of the not-self in opposition to the personal self.

The angle of relationship.

The beginning of the individualtiy rather than the personal concerns.

The “we” consciousness.

Marriage and partnerships.

Cooperation or the lack of it.

Rules the lower courts where the 9th house rules the higher courts.

Open adversities.

A: Saturn, Jupiter

Saturn in 7th house: A separative tendency deep within makes it difficult for this person to relate to others. This is the signature of someone who withdrew from contact with others in a past lifetime. In this life he must come to grips with the world outside and learn how to handle it. Must learn to cooperate with others. Early marriage brings difficulties because of lack of maturity. Marries for security rather than love. Extremely sensitive but hides it from the world. Often marriage is delated and it can be to an older person. Really wants a mother not a mate. Needs to learn to cooperate and to develop empathy so he will understand the other fellow’s feeling. Not food for partnerships in business is Saturn is afflicted. Lone-wolf type who does better alone but he doesn’t learn as much.

Jupiter in 7th house: sociable type of person, Good natured and able to attract benefits because of optimism. Capable of attracting beneficial partnerships. Often two marriages. Material abundance through marriage partner. May marry someone who has been married previously.

T: Venus, Mercury

Venus in the 7th house: Harmonious relationships due to the friendliness of Venus in this house. Partnerships favored if Venus is well-placed by sing and well aspected. Person draws happy conditions due to a loving nature. Gives a happy marriage if unafflicted. If Venus in this house does not marry it will be from choice as there will be many opportunities. This person attracts love because of having been a lover person in other lives. What we have given to others comes back to us through others. The 7th house shows what is coming back.

Mercury in the 7th house: Marriage is of the mind, rather than the emotions. Apt to marry someone younger. Partner is quick-witted, keen and alert. If afflicted, bickering and arguing must be overcome. The 7th houes rules the lower courts, as well as partnerships. If Mercury is afflicted at birth, or by transit of one of the heavy planets, it would be well to settle difficulties out of court. Watch what you sign or put on paper.

R: Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury

Eighth House: Natural home of Scorpio and Mars and Pluto

House of generation (sex), degeneration or regeneration.

Regeneration through enlargement of viewpoint, both spiritual and mental.

Death and the manner of it.

Rules the psychic (the astral plane) and people with planets here have often brought over a legacy of sensitivity to invisiable currents. If the planeys in the house are afflicted the individual has been involved in the misuse of psychic facilities. This is particularly true if Mats is afflicted to Neptune or in this house.

Rules legacies and goods of the dead.

As it is the second from the marriage house it rules the partners possessions and financial conditions.

Every eighth house operation is a celestial messenger in disguise and a challenge to penetrate this disguise and become the recipient of the blessing he bears. In the wake of an eighth house storm there is always a rainbow if we bit lift our eyes to perceive it.


T: Sun, Moon, Saturn

With the sun in this house the keynote for the basic drive has implications of the necessity for regeneration and transformation. The 1st and 3rd of the life is difficult often due to the loss of the father or his inability to be a father in the true sense of the word. There must be the reorientation of the ego, and in this house the ego (the seperated self) must die. The personal drive must be transformed and the resources of others are the important factor. Inheritance and wills are highlighted. Often there is money from the masculine side of the family. This position of the sun would be good fot anyone whose vocation had anything to do with the goods of the dead, or having to deal with death in a vocational way. Insurance brokers and undertakers would come under this category.

Moon in the 8th house: Very sensitive where others are concerned. Can be too vulnerable. Personality must be concerned with helping others with their resources. Very sensitive to social currents and social demands. Very psychic. Has experiences of an astral nature because of interest in after-death states. Must sacrifice feelings and learn to live impersonally. Affection means much more than sex with this position of the moon.

Saturn: Saturn’s best position by house are the third and ninth house; the third house steadies the conscious mind and the ninth house stabilizes the superconscious faculties. Early in life it will make the individual dogmatic and crystallized in his philosophy. Later in life the wisdom side of Saturn will make itself felt. Gives a practical philosophy of life. Crystallizes if Saturn is in a fixed sign. Not good for relationships with in-laws if afflicted. Best to live a distance apart. Makes good teachers, professors, workers in publishing fields or scientific pursuits. Good at detailed work. Exacting and concentrative. Can be fanatical and intolerant in religious concerns if Saturn is afflicted.

R: Jupiter, Moon, Uranus

Jupiter in the 8th house: Money through partners and through inheritance. If afflicted, can cause extravagance and lack of good judgement. Strongly emotional type and needs to weigh conditions carefully before action. Sexual drives strong.

Uranus: Very strong psychic feeling as well as keen intuition. Unexpected and sudden upsets where deaths are concerned. If Uranus is afflicted to Mars, individual can meet his death through accident or violence unless he eliminated discord from his magnetic field. Must be careful where business partnerships are concerned. Should not go into partnerships with due forethought. Difficulties with inheritances but a well aspected Uranus in this house could mean and unexpected windfall. Sexual impulses need controlling if Uranus is afflicted. When death comes it is apt to be sudden and unexpected. This does not show the time death would occur. When heavy planets would be afflicted to the natal Uranus the individual should use caution where cars and machinery are concerned. Bad temper would cause accidents. Done drive when angry is excellent advice to anyone with an afflived Uranus in this house.

Ninth House: Home of Sagittarius and Jupiter

Realm of the superconscious mind and the deeply ingrained religious philosophy of the self.

Intuition, inspiration, spiritual visions.

Long journeys.

Expansion of horizons both mental and spiritual.

House of the Spirit. Probability of distant travel, timing, nature and results.

Worldwide contacts and mental adjustment to racial ideas.

With an author his works from the standpoint of publications.


House that rules in-laws

A: Moon

Moon in 9th house: Dreams and visions can be of great significance for this person is able to dream true if moon is not heavily afflicted. Receptivity towards the superconscious realms. Orthodox in religion if higher octave planets are not strong. Finds their inner philosophy through feelings and devotion to the ideal. Loves to travel. Many journeys. Will have many varied experiences that enable the personality to build a philosophy of life.


R: Neptune, Mars

Mind is impressionable and easily influenced. Ninth house denotes the inexpressible, the motive behind the deed, the thought behind the speech; that which is possible to unfold in the future. All planets in this house have a higher vibration than when placed in any other area. Hard to make tangible the super consciousness faculties with Neptune here. Makes the intangible extremely nebulous when it is already nebulous enough. Makes a person mystical and if well aspected can have spiritual visions. If afflicted the judgement is poor and the mentality clouded. Brings difficulties with in-laws due to lack of empathy.

Mars in 9th house: Long distance traveling. Strife with in-laws so it would be bet to live at a distance from them. Enthusiastic mind. Independent. Religious zeal can become fanaticism if mars is afflicted. Strong desire to travel. Very restless mind.

Tenth House: Natural House of Capricorn and Saturn

Prestige, honor and standing in society.

Amplifier of the personality as the public looks at him.

Professional career, reputation.

His father.

Employers if he does nto work for himself.

If they do work for themselves his work comes in this house.


T: Jupiter

Jupiter in 10th house: Best position of Jupiter for success and prosperity. Great desire for achievement. Attracts honors and great success through profession. Career usually one that entails service to those limited and afflicted. Excellent for someone in the medical field or working with people. Has an expansiveness that attracts people to them. High moral standards and will attract position of importance in life.

Eleventh House: Home of Aquarius and Uranus and Saturn

Goals and objectives.

friendships. Social relationships.

Hopes, wishes, projects and ambitions.

The ruler of this house and the planets in it are an index to his idea of happiness and the probabilities of his attaining it.

With an afflicted 11th house and the planets in it are an index to his idea of happiness and the probabilities of his attaining it.

With an afflicted 11th house and the planets in it are an index to his idea of happiness and the probabilities of his attaining it.

With an afflicted 11th house has to work harder to attain satisfaction on the outer levels.

The 5th and 11th hosues are indicate higher levels of consciousness as to both mind and emotion.

If the ruler of the 11th is strong than the ruler of the 7th, other persons friends and helpers are stronger than his enemies.



Twelfth House: Home of Pisces and Neptune

The house of drawn shades; that which is hidden.

The subconscious attitudes that are a hangover from the past.

House of self-undoing, frustration, limitation and confinement.

Also the hsoeu of initiation and ultimate understanding.

Service or suffering; with planets in this hoes it has to be a choice between one of the other.

House of charity, given or received

House of karma: the law of cause and effect from which there is no escape without atonement and attunement to that which is above and beyond the law; The Grace of God.

Rules hospitals and institutions.



The first six houses are more under the personal control of the individual than the last 6 houses. They are related to the not-self and are more under the sway of other people. For instance, his bodily health (sixth house) is under his control and largely dependent on his own actions. But twelfth house matters are beyond his control, in that they comprise inhibitive influences, repressions, frustrations, even loss of personal liberty dependent open the way others react toward him and are the sort of things that must be endured if they cannot be cured. Yet, rightly used the twelfth house represents subjective sustainment. Its motto is “Serve or Suffer” and the choice is in your hands.